We Create Food For Life’s Special Moments

There is no greater catch for the carnivore than the one which takes no effort. Like a gazelle walking into the lion’s den, Arcadian, by MLS now offer an unparalleled experience in the heart of Madinat Qaboos, Muscat.

With unrestricted access to Oman’s premier meat supplier, Arcadian takes the journey one step closer to your plate. Cooking your selection to times specified by industry experts, we guarantee the perfect cut with the perfect finish, every time.

Each cut is handpicked and our in-house chefs call on their wealth of knowledge to create the best flavours out of each and every selection



Which Country Produces the Best Desserts?

No meal is quite finished until the desserts have been served. From country to country, desserts vary, they could be light and fruity, rich and chocolatey or cold and cleansing. The sweetie goodness of a dessert in contrast with your wholesome, filing main can serve any number of purposes.

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Souq Al-Madina, Muscat