The Steaks are High – Our Steak Dishes

At Arcadian, we love a steak. Nothing beats that tender, juicy, beefy richness offered by the delicate cuts of prime beef. All sourced from the spectacular MLS. Amongst our menu, you’ll find nothing but the most exquisite cuts, from some of the worlds best known and revered cattle. All our steaks are served with new potatoes, sauteed chili […]

King of Accompaniment – The Potato

hen it comes to what arrives on your plate with your steak, there is probably nothing more commonly seen than the potato. This versatile vegetable comes can be chopped, boiled, baked, roasted, mashed or fried; it could even be a mix of the techniques. W­­ithout potato, there are no chips, there are no fries. No hash browns, […]

Pass the Pasta

Mama Mia! Italian food must be one of the most travelled cuisines on the planet. There are not many corners of the world that you cannot find pizza and pasta. Even squeezed in between other countries cuisine, you can find pasta menus because…. People. Love. Italian. Food. Even the country itself, screaming art, architecture, history, sun and beautiful […]

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