There is an easy way to scare your everyday fitness fanatic, and that is with fatty foods. Just the mention of fat content is enough to put people off. The true fitness gurus amongst us through, know that some fats are good, better than good – an essential part of a healthy diet.

Fat or Fiction

Once upon a time, it seemed like anything that tasted good was deemed unhealthy. Fatty meats came under that hammer. It was not until recent studies that we found out saturated fats are not actually that bad at all. In fact, some might argue that they are somewhat of a health food.

Some of the best steaks known to mankind hold their position because of the fat content. Marbling seen on world beaters such as the Wagyu, or Black Angus beefs are what give the steaks their flavour. As the steaks cook, the fats breakdown releasing juices and giving the meat a tender texture whilst leaving them bursting with flavour.

Now, let’s not all run off and start eating as much fat as we can. It’s not as simple as that. There are fair usage policies to consider, and if you’re trying to avoid calories, fatty meats will not aid your crusade.

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Mean, Lean, Health Machine

The main benefit to lean meat is that it is full of protein. Considered healthier than fattier cuts, lean steaks tend to be grass fed, this also makes them rich in Omega 3. Add to that a low-calorie count and it’s verging on a superfood. Grass fed, lean red meat is recognised as one of the healthiest foods on the planet.

Containing vitamins B12, B and D – iron and zinc, a large handful of minerals and plenty of nutrients essential to good health. It is recommended for those that don’t eat red meat, to supplement these vitamins, zinc and iron to avoid deficiency.

For some, that rich beefy flavour is preferred to the buttery goodness of a well marbled steak.

Recommendation: – For a lean cut, check our grain fed Wagyu or Angus Tenderloin.

Where Does the Lean Line Lie?

So, as the amount of fat in any meat reduces (this doesn’t just apply to steaks), it becomes lean.

To be considered lean, when cooked, 100g of meat would contain less that 10% fat, less than 4.5% of that being saturated fats and less than 1% cholesterol.

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