hen it comes to what arrives on your plate with your steak, there is probably nothing more commonly seen than the potato. This versatile vegetable comes can be chopped, boiled, baked, roasted, mashed or fried; it could even be a mix of the techniques.

W­­ithout potato, there are no chips, there are no fries. No hash browns, no baby spuds, no mash, no baked potato with cheese. A world without potatoes just isn’t even worth imagining.

So, we ask you to join us, join us in celebrating this most famous of root vegetables that has kept our species fed since 2500BC – at least!

The History

The potato has been traced back to Peru where we suspect it was originally domesticated. Since those times, back in 2500BC, the potato has been a staple of our diet. First introduced to Europe in the 16th century by the Spanish, the humble potato is thought to be responsible for around a quarter of the population’s growth as well as urbanisation.

The Present

In 2020, the world produced 359 million tonnes of potatoes. Those tasty, starchy lumps will have been sliced, diced, cubed and mashed into a huge variety of different sides.

Add to that, there are over 4000 different varieties of potato across every continent. Here in the Middle East, the potato is still a relatively new addition to our diets, with our chefs beginning to develop recipes with them somewhere around 1950.

The Super Side

Sliced thin and fried, the most popular side is undoubtedly fries! French Fries probably came from France, although that is disputed depending on where you are in the world. Generally, fries are thin, long cuts of potato that are deep fried, to give them a crispy texture.

Simple, crispy and delicious, we combine our fries with other ingredients to jazz them up a little. You can have them topped with beef brisket, mushrooms and salted cucumber, or cheese and beef bacon. We also offer truffle fries, covered in truffle parmesan and truffle salt.

The perfect accompaniment to a steak, we’re sure you’ll agree.

After something a little lighter and healthier? Why not give our truffle mash a go? Mashed potatoes infused with truffle parmesan and truffle salt, a deliciously fluffy side that you just have to try.

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