Mama Mia! Italian food must be one of the most travelled cuisines on the planet. There are not many corners of the world that you cannot find pizza and pasta. Even squeezed in between other countries cuisine, you can find pasta menus because…. People. Love. Italian. Food.

Even the country itself, screaming art, architecture, history, sun and beautiful scenery. There are very few people with a bad thing to say about Italy. The food has most certainly been inspired by its rich history and culture. The creamy tomato bases, the stringy cheeses and many, many different shapes, colours and sizes of pasta. It’s simply a food lovers dream. With that in mind, let’s look at Italy’s favourite dishes (with a Steakhouse nod to our pasta menu, of course). What are the most popular pasta dishes? Risotto Hailing from Northern Italy, the risotto is cooked in many different ways. Creamy, rich and cheesy, the dish is usually prepared with rice and steadily cooked in a broth.

Risotto ai Fungi

Our Risotto ai Fungi is made with delicious, earthy wild mushrooms, truffle pasta and parmesan. You can upgrade the dish with either chicken or striploin (100g).

f you’d like to upset an Italian, you could argue that Marco Polo brought the dish from the Far East in the 13th century. After all, spaghetti does bare similar looks to the noodle. We’ll try for now, however, to keep in the Italian’s good book. Their good cook books.

Spaghetti Wagyu Meatballs

Talking of spaghetti, our Spahgetti Wagyu Meatballs takes the world’s most desired cuts of steak to make this delicious dish. A tomato basil sauce, with Wagyu meatballs all served on a mound of spaghetti and finished to your taste with parmesan.

Rigatoni Short Ribs

This delight uses another type of pasta, rigatoni. Served with a beef short rib stew, cherry tomatoes and parmesan, this is what Italian food is all about.

All our dishes in the Italian Touch menu are prepared fresh, by our expert chefs to be as close to their culinary ancestry as possible. The methods, the seasoning and the finish, all composed and served with amore! (That means love in Italian, for the uncultured).To view our full menu, follow this link. Or book a table at Arcadian steakhouse in Muscat.

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