At Arcadian, we love a steak. Nothing beats that tender, juicy, beefy richness offered by the delicate cuts of prime beef. All sourced from the spectacular MLS.

Amongst our menu, you’ll find nothing but the most exquisite cuts, from some of the worlds best known and revered cattle. All our steaks are served with new potatoes, sauteed chili and garlic broccoli and a choice green peppercorn, mushroom or bearnaise sauce.

Florentine Style T-Bone

Florentine style refers to the way these beastly T-Bone steaks are cooked. Back in Florence, Italy, the fashion is to flash fry the steak on each side, sealing the meat, then cook resting on the bone. Here at Arcadian Steakhouse, we use bone-in rib eye, cooked as close to the traditions as possible.

In the pan should be rosemary, butter and perhaps some garlic. The meat itself, seasoned with salt and pepper.

Our Florentine T-Bone steaks are Black Angus beef and are available in 1.5kg cut, or 500g.



Our cuts of Wagyu come from the famous Japanese cattle of the same name. Their meat is renowned for its perfect marbling, which produces a tender, juicy and flavoursome finish that is said to be the world’s finest.

With a direct supply from MLS, we get our hands on the best cuts of Wagyu, and you can enjoy striploins, ribeye or tenderloin, each weighing in at 250g.


The name Angus indicates the meat comes from the Scottish beef cattle, also of the same name. As well as its Japanese counterpart, the Angus also benefits from rich marbling. Beefy, tender and juicy, our angus steaks are available in striploin, tenderloin, tomahawk, ribeye or bone-in ribeye.

At varied weights, your choice of Angus beef will be cooked to your desired grade. We guarantee to get your mouth watering at just the sight of the steak.

Once you have decided on the steak, all that’s left to do is choose the sauce. Peppercorn is always a favourite with steak. Never rule out the earthy mushroom or rich, creamy bearnaise sauce. For those with a bigger appetite, you may want to begin with a starter. Add to that a little something off the drinks menu and perhaps a couple of sides.

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