Starters as you mean to go on! A good appetizer is somewhat of a tradition, just like a good dessert finishes off a meal, a starter sets the bar for what is to come. Perfect for whetting your appetite, our starters are designed to set your tastebuds tingling for the main event.

The aim of a starter is to be simple, meaning they can be prepared and served easily whilst the chefs get to work on your main course. Just a light bite, they leave plenty of room for the big plates but can be just as delicious and mouth-watering.

With your gut prepped and waiting for more, a good starter should tee you up to really enjoy your main meal.

What is the best starter for a meal?

With plenty to choose from, our starters menu has been put together in hope that it caters for all palettes.

Crispy Portobello  

Chopped and fried, the portobello mushroom is an earthy delight. Lightly topped with truffle oil and parmesan, completed by a serving of truffle mayo for dipping, adding to the earthy taste of the mushrooms.


An Italian delight, one of the staples of Sicilian cuisine, Arancini are stuffed, coated and deep-fried rice balls. Served with mozzarella, parmesan and parsley these tasty bites are the perfect starter for any of our Italian dishes.

Chicken Wings

No starting line-up would be complete without chicken wings. Strips of delicious white meat, waiting to be pulled from the bone. Our wings are grilled in buffalo sauce, then coated in Nashville sauce to give them an extra kick.

Tomato Burratina

Roasted heirloom tomatoes with fresh mozzarella, pesto and hazelnut make up this light, flavoursome and tangy number. The contrast of the tangy toms and earthy hazelnut are a superb combination.

Persian Zafran Lamb Chops

For the bigger appetites, our lamb chops are marinated in Saffron and yoghurt before being released onto the grill. The creamy flavours of the yoghurt and floral flavours of Saffron perfectly complement the lamb’s gamey taste.

In most steakhouses, you will find a suitable starter for each main. If you are unsure about what will suit your main best, ask one of the waiting staff.

To view our full menu you can follow this link. You can also book a table at our steakhouse. From steaks to pasta, Arcadian serves you the most delicious lunch and dinner.

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