No meal is quite finished until the desserts have been served. From country to country, desserts vary, they could be light and fruity, rich and chocolatey or cold and cleansing. The sweetie goodness of a dessert in contrast with your wholesome, filling main can serve any number of purposes.

But where do these fancy delights come from, and who does them best? There are shops and bakeries dedicated to producing nothing but desserts. With so much on offer, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and spoilt for choice by some menus.

Matching a dessert with your main meal can leave you feeling that you had a little of everything. With optimum satisfaction levels reached, all that’s left is to lie down and ponder who created such a fabulous finish to your feast.

What country is known for desserts?


The Turkish have woo’d the world with their sweet, filo pastry, pistachio infused, honey coated Baklava. These baked delights date back to the days of the Byzantine Empire, a couple of thousand years ago.

It is perhaps the time they have been around that led to the many different types of Baklavas. Popular around the globe, many countries have put their own twist on this Middle Eastern pleasure. 


If it’s a warm and comforting finish you’re in need of, a cold and rainy island is probably the best place to start. British cuisine is always hearty and wholesome, and their desserts are no different. With stodgy cakes, covered with rich syrups and custard, the Brits certainly knew their audience.

Le French

When it comes to the world capital of cakes and sweet fancies, the French are the masters. This is evident in the number of desserts we eat of which the name is of French origin. Mousse, fondant, crêpe, éclair, crème brulee, all French.

Whilst desserts such as the crème brulee have had their origin disputed, the locality remains Europe, and with the French, masters of the art and the name French, we’ll side with them.

You probably won’t be surprised, as such, to find that the dessert at our restaurant features a chocolate fondant cake, served with homemade vanilla ice cream. The warm fondant cake conceals a gooey interior just waiting to be burst to mix in and contrast with the cold vanilla ice cream.

And finally, of course, no dessert menu would be complete without the crème brulee. Our vanilla crème brulee is infused with lavender and served with berries.

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